Which Products can 100% Polyester Plush Fabric Be Used to Make


Polyester fiber is polycondensed from organic diacid an […]

Polyester fiber is polycondensed from organic diacid and glycol, commonly known as polyester, which can be directly worn on the skin. It is widely used in the manufacture of clothing fabrics and industrial products. It can be made of pure textile or blended with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and hemp and other chemical fibers to produce wool-like, cotton-like, silk-like and linen-like fabrics with various colours, firmness, firmness, smoothness, easy washing and drying, no ironing and good washability. 100% Polyester Plush Fabric is suitable for men's and women's shirts, outerwear, children's clothes, indoor decorative fabrics and carpets.

Clothes made of 100% polyester plush fabric can be washed and dried quickly. They are also widely used in outdoor products and have excellent setting performance. The flat, fluffy form or pleat formed after 100% polyester plush fabric is set can still remain unchanged after being washed for many times in use.

Advantages of 100% polyester plush fabric:

1. Good strength and high elasticity. Polyester fiber is a kind of synthetic fiber with high elasticity and strength.

2. Durable and wrinkle resistant. Because polyester fibers have higher strength and thermoplastic properties, they are more durable, wrinkle-resistant and burn resistant.

3. Sun protection. Polyester fiber has better sun protection ability than natural fiber. It has better sun resistance. More sun exposure will not damage it.

4. Good chemical resistance. Polyester fiber is not afraid of acid and alkali chemical damage, and it is also not afraid of mould and moth.

5. Easy to wash and quick to dry. Clothes made of polyester fiber can be washed and dried quickly, and are widely used in outdoor products.

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