Super And Soft Plush Fabric Is The Latest Variety of Short Plush


Super And Soft Plush Fabric is a common single-sided na […]

Super And Soft Plush Fabric is a common single-sided napped fabric, which is a little similar to coral fleece, but the process is a little different and feels very soft. I hope it can help you. Super and soft plush fabric is a new type of knitted warp knitted plush fabric, super and soft plush fabric is a kind of short plush (the latest variety). Short plush series products are widely used in various fields such as clothing, bags, shoes, hats, toys, etc. With a lower price and higher quality, it has been applied in foreign trade and domestic factories and achieved good sales results. The warp density is smaller and the weft density is larger so that the weft yarn emerges on the surface, which is favourable for the weft yarn cotton fiber to form plump and uniform fluff.

Features of super and soft plush fabric:

1. The appearance is light and clean, with good air permeability and durability.

2. The fabric is soft, elastic, smooth, light and breathable.

3. It is comfortable and close to the skin, and very elegant.

4. Super and soft plush fabric has undergone high-temperature shrinkage treatment and is not easy to deform and wrinkle, so it can be used safely.

5. Good physical properties, high fiber strength, so suitable for children's clothing, durable, wear-resistant, durable.

6. Good chemical properties, alkali resistance, mould resistance, insect resistance and chemical resistance.

In fact, the hand feeling of the real super and soft plush fabric is very delicate and comfortable, and there is no feeling of pricking the face when touching with the face, only a very comfortable and soft feeling, the imitated fabric is different.

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