What Are the Materials of Plush Fabric For Baby Blanket


The baby blanket is a product that every family will pr […]

The baby blanket is a product that every family will prepare for the birth of a new life. Therefore, parents must pay attention to all aspects of the selection of Plush Fabric For Baby Blanket. When choosing a baby blanket for their baby, parents should make great efforts in the selection of materials. Suitable materials not only ensure comfort but also ensure safety in use and ensure the health of the baby.

The plush fabric for baby blanket is mostly made of pure cotton cloth, which is only divided into spring, summer and autumn and winter according to the different needs of each season. The spring, summer and winter products are thin products mainly made of knitted and twill fabrics and are mainly suitable for use at 15-25 degrees Celsius. Autumn and winter are warm-keeping products, which are mainly made of pure cotton fabric filled with 80g-150g of various warm-keeping cotton products, Raschel and various blanket materials.

Of all the fabrics, pure cotton fabrics are most suitable for sensitive groups such as infants. Babies have tender skin, poor adaptability to outside temperatures, easy sweating, and poor adaptability to outside temperatures. Pure cotton fabrics can absorb sweat quickly, and also have high washing resistance and warmth retention. They are the best choice for baby blankets.

Natural Organic Cotton: Compared with ordinary cotton fabrics, natural organic cotton has the advantage that the raw materials are pollution-free high-quality cotton without fertilizer and pesticide, while ordinary cotton fabrics cannot meet such requirements. Secondly, natural organic cotton does not undergo industrial dyeing, which is guaranteed for the baby's health.

Combed cotton: excess impurities will be removed during the manufacturing process of combed cotton. Correspondingly, pure cotton combed cotton is not easy to fluff, pilling, comfortable to wear, and the texture, washability, deformation and durability of breathable combed cotton fabric are much higher. Compared with ordinary cotton baby blankets, the fabric is softer and can effectively prevent shrinkage, deformation, pilling and other problems.

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