Washing 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Toys Without Damaging Toys


The first impression of plush toys is that they rub on […]

The first impression of plush toys is that they rub on the face. They are furry and very comfortable. No matter children or big friends like to play, especially children like to sleep in their arms. However, the only headache for mothers is how to clean the plush toys. How can plush toys be washed cleaner? How can washed for 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Toy without hurting toys?

1. Dry cleaning

First of all, the big salt is coarse salt. Put the coarse salt and dirty plush toys into a big plastic bag and shake it hard. You must tie the plastic bag tightly and shake it again. In this way, you can use salt and sodium chloride to adsorb dirt, or soda powder instead of coarse salt. The method is the same. However, this method is more suitable for soft toys that are relatively large and soft toys that can't be washed with water and make noises.

2. Directly wash with water

Choose suitable warm water (30-40 degrees) for cleaning, because warm water is not easy to damage the Mao Mao softness of plush toys; Plush toys with dark and light colors are best cleaned separately. Mixing them together will easily lead to color mixing. Also, it is better to choose a neutral detergent. Soak the plush toys in detergent for a while before cleaning, which will be easier to wash.

In the process of cleaning plush toys, attention should be paid to the appropriate intensity. If you use too much force, you are only destroying your toys instead of cleaning them. In addition, the washing tools are also soft ones.

3. Machine wash

When washing with a washing machine, care should be taken not to damage the plush toys. Soak with neutral detergent before throwing the washing machine, or add mild washing powder directly, and set the washing mode to a soft cold-water setting. In addition, small plush toys can be stained with adhesive tape before washing with the washing machine. After the circulation washing mode is completed, the water discharged from the washing machine is clean water, indicating that the toys have been thoroughly washed, then dried, hung in a cool place to dry, and then intermittently gently beat the plush toys.

Machine washing is not as good as hand washing. Machine washing is easy to damage plush toys. In order to make plush toys have a longer life, it is recommended that you choose hand washing. If the plush toys are not very dirty, use a soft sponge or clean dry cloth directly and wipe the surface with a diluted neutral detergent.

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