Choose A Soft And Comfortable Plush Fabric For Sofa


Many friends choose flannelette sofas when choosing clo […]

Many friends choose flannelette sofas when choosing cloth sofas, mainly because the Plush Fabric For Sofa is very comfortable to sit on.

Diamond velvet and snowflake velvet fabrics are popular materials in recent years and are also the new favourites of plush fabric for sofa. Diamond velvet material and snowflake velvet material have many advantages, such as high tensile strength, strong wear resistance, good resilience and strong heat resistance and thermal insulation. Many medium and high-end cloth sofas in furniture monopoly markets use diamond velvet and snowflake velvet. In particular, diamond velvet sofas are often embedded with rhinestone studs, which are deep in workmanship, elegant in tone and attractive in appearance.

In the early days, plush fabrics often used for sofas were called velveteen, and the short fibers of cloth sofas were a kind of short fibers. Comparing with individual fabrics, if plain velvet fabric and short velvet material are used to make cloth sofa, they have the characteristics of ultra-high color fastness, green and environmental protection, rich fluff, soft hand feeling, gorgeous color, etc. However, even though the abrasion resistance of velveteen fabrics is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary fabrics, and the warmth retention is relatively good, velveteen materials are still often used in low-end sofas in the industry today. It is better not to scrub hard when washing, to prevent changing the fullness and straightness of suede. When twisting, the suede should be placed inside and spread out during drying, otherwise the appearance of the suede will deform. For jacquard fabrics, hard brushes cannot be used to wash vigorously to prevent pilling.

Generally speaking, in high-quality cloth sofas, the common ones are imitation leather velvet and chenille. Suede is a kind of imitation woven fabric that imitates some animal suede. Its specific characteristics are generally that the appearance of the woven fabric has tight, slender, soothing short plush, the cloth body is soft and vigorous, it has excellent air permeability, adsorption and corrosion resistance, and various sofas with simple and modern styles are commonly used imitation suede. Chenille material is a kind of very thick cotton yarn that looks fluffy. The fabric woven by Chenille is collectively referred to as Chenille. There are many kinds of ingredients in it. Polyester and viscose can be made into chenille. Imitation suede feels light and light, and chenille is of great weight, and is now widely used in the market.

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