Tips for Cleaning Plush Fabric For Sofa


The existing sofa materials on the market mainly includ […]

The existing sofa materials on the market mainly include fabric, wood, leather and rattan. The plush cloth is one of them, comfortable and casual, full of changes, but easy to dirty, not easy to take care of, cleaning is a very headache. Today, let's teach you some tips for cleaning Plush Fabric For Sofa to help you solve your household cleaning problems.

Tips for cleaning plush sofa fabric I: alcohol cleaning method

If the fabric sofa in the home is made of plush fabric and is contaminated with stains carelessly, a soft brush can be dipped in a little diluted alcohol to brush it again, and then it can be dried with an electric hairdryer.

Plush fabric for sofa cleaning tips II: Soda Powder Cleaning Method

If the plush fabric sofa is stained with fruit juice stains, mix it with 1 teaspoon baking soda and clear water, and then rub it with a soft cloth to reduce the stains.

Plush fabric for sofa cleaning tips III: sponge wiping method

Use soft sponge or clean dry cloth, dip diluted neutral detergent to wipe the surface of plush fabric sofa, and then wipe it again with clear water.

Plush fabric for sofa cleaning tips IV: sun cleaning method

Sunlight is the simplest and most labour-saving cleaning method for a plush sofa cover. Ultraviolet rays can effectively kill some invisible bacteria and ensure the basic sanitation of plush sofa cover. However, it is important to note that this method is only applicable to light-coloured plush, because some plush may fade easily due to different fabrics and materials.

Plush fabric for sofa cleaning tips V: machine wash, hand wash can be

For removable and washable plush sofa, it is much easier to clean it. Machine wash: Before putting into the washing machine for washing, the fluffy sofa cover should be put into the laundry bag first. According to the general washing procedure, cold washing essence is better than washing powder and does not damage the woollen material. It is also good to use the general double-effect shampoo. After washing, it should be wrapped with a dry towel and dehydrated to avoid damaging the surface. Hand washing: Prepare the washbasin to contain water, pour in the cleaning agent and stir until it is completely dissolved, then put the fluff sofa cover into the washbasin to squeeze the cleaning agent into it, then pour out the sewage and rinse it with clear water, wrap the fluff sofa cover with clean dry cloth for a few minutes, absorb some of the water, and then air dry or dry it in the sun is also a good way.

Plush fabric for sofa should be cleaned at any time. If it drips dirt, it should be cleaned immediately so as not to drag on for a long time and stain is not easy to remove. The above tips on cleaning plush fabric for sofa are hoped to be helpful to you.

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