Why Is Super And Soft Plush Fabric Widely Used


Super And Soft Plush Fabric is a kind of fabric widely […]

Super And Soft Plush Fabric is a kind of fabric widely used in various fields such as clothing, luggage, shoes and hats, toys, etc. What is super and soft plush fabric and why is it so widely used?

The raw material cotton of super and soft plush fabric is a cotton fabric with rich fluffy surface after being brushed. The pile raising of flannel itself relies on the steel wire needle of the pile drawing machine, which repeatedly pulls the pile formed by fibres on the cloth surface of the cloth, and the requirements for pile are relatively short, dense and uniform. Generally, printed velvet is brushed before printing, bleached and variegated velvet is brushed after printing.

In making flannel, the warp yarn should be fine, the weft yarn should be thick and the twist should be less. The warp density of the fabric is small and the weft density is large so that the weft yarn emerges on the surface, which is favourable for the weft yarn cotton fibre to form plump and uniform fluff.

According to the fabric, it can be divided into single-sided velvet and double-sided velvet. Single-sided velvet is a fabric with a twill weave, also known as serge velvet. Double-sided fleece is mainly plain weave. The super and soft plush fabric is soft, comfortable to wear and has good thermal insulation performance. It is used as underwear and pyjamas in autumn and winter. Printed flannelette and dyed flannelette are also suitable for women's or children's spring and autumn outerwear. In addition, flannel printed with images of animals, flowers and fairy tales is also called velvet, which is more suitable for children. Then natural velvet, bleached velvet, assorted velvet and sesame velvet are all more suitable for winter clothing, gloves and other warm-keeping articles.

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