The Correct Method Is Needed When Cleaning Plush Fabric For Sofa


Because in life, more and more people use Plush Fabric […]

Because in life, more and more people use Plush Fabric For Sofa, so in terms of cleaning, will also focus on it. Plush fabric for sofa has a warm function so that people can resist cold. Its soft-touch is also loved by people. Now plush fabric for sofa is used in many families. So, how to clean the plush fabric for sofa correctly? Please see the detailed method introduction below.

Plush fabric for sofa is a combination of suede fabric, cotton for textile, and another part of wool after the front dyeing process of wool textile is selected. Twill is woven by technical textile. Because plush fabric for sofa has very complete treatment, smooth and soft suede, which is close to the density of hair. In order not to damage the fabric, the correct method is needed when cleaning.

Plush fabric for sofa use neutral detergent, bleach cannot be used because chlorine bleach will destroy fabric materials and cause yellowing of fabrics. The correct way to wash is to dissolve the neutral detergent in warm water, soak the plush fabric for sofa for several minutes and then gently wipe the stain with your hand. Never use a brush, which will damage the flannel of the fabric and cause lint to fall off due to excessive force. Wash with clear water, dehydrate and dry, and place in a ventilated place.

The above is about how to clean the plush fabric for sofa correctly. People should know that different methods need to be adopted to clean different fabrics, thus not only protecting the fabrics but also avoiding any loss.

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