How to Protect 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Toy and Extend Its Life


1. Keep indoor clean and minimize dust. Clean the surfa […]

1. Keep indoor clean and minimize dust. Clean the surface of 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Toy frequently with clean, dry and soft tools.

2. Avoid long-term sunshine and keep toys dry inside and outside.

3. When cleaning, necessary measures can be taken according to the size. For small ones, the parts that are afraid of abrasion can be stained with adhesive tape first, and then directly put into the washing machine for soft washing, spin-drying, hanging in the shade for drying thoroughly, and pat the toy intermittently to make its fur fluffy and soft. Large toys can find the filling seam, cut off the seam, take out the special parts of the filling fabric (acrylic cotton) and do not take (better maintain the appearance) and use adhesive tape to coat the parts department that is afraid of abrasion. Clean and dry the outer skin, then put the filler into the toy skin, trim and sew.

4. For wool/cloth or dolls equipped with high-intelligence electronics, machine core and acoustics, be sure to take out the electronic components (some of which are not waterproof) or batteries before cleaning to prevent them from being damaged by water.

5. After the cleaned toys are dried, comb them with clean combs or similar tools along the direction of the fur to make their fur smooth and beautiful.

6. Look at whether the insides of 100% polyester plush fabric for toy are clean and sanitary. Among the unqualified toy, fillings are discarded plastics, fibre ropes, paper scraps, and even black cotton prohibited by the state.

7. Twist the eyes, nose and mouth of 100% polyester plush fabric for toy to see if they are strong. If the pulling force of small parts on toys does not meet the national standard, they are unqualified products.

8. In order to be healthy, toys should be cleaned regularly with 100% polyester plush fabric for toy.

9. Simple and easy sterilization, disinfection method, can use the steam iron with a higher power to gently reciprocate the ironing on the fluff, also has certain sterilization decontamination effect.

10. The key to washing 100% polyester plush fabric for toy at home: For toys with few small parts, warm water of 30-40℃ can be used for hand washing or machine washing, neutral laundry detergent can be used for washing, and cashmere detergent is better for 100% polyester plush fabric for toy.

11. How to make toys not easy to get dirty and prolong their life? When buying toys at the beginning, do not discard them, whether in paper boxes or plastic bags, for storage. In areas with the humid climate, in order to prevent toys from being affected with damp, the desiccant can be placed during storage to fill toys and avoid overstock during storage so as to avoid deformation and damage.

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