What Is The Difference Between Super And Soft Plush Fabric And Imitation Super Soft


Short plush is a new type of knitted warp knitted plush […]

Short plush is a new type of knitted warp knitted plush fabric developed. Super And Soft Plush Fabric is a kind of short plush (the latest variety). Short plush series products are widely used in various fields such as clothing, luggage, shoes and hats, toys, etc. In recent years, with lower price and higher quality, it has been applied in foreign trade and domestic factories and achieved good sales results.

The real super and soft plush fabric feels very delicate and comfortable, and will not feel pricked by the fluffy surface when touching the face, but will be very comfortable and soft. Imitation is different. It looks similar on the computer, but the hand feel will be poor, the surface will have a bright feeling, and the hair will be hard. If it is used to contact the skin, it will have a firm feeling, and the imitation stitch is not as dense as it really is, and the imitation is cheap. Insiders watch the doorway while laymen watch the scene of bustle. You must watch it yourself when you buy it. Otherwise, sellers who don't understand it very well sometimes will think that imitation lint is real lint.

Super and soft plush fabric should be cleaned by brushing and rubbing. The washing time should not be too long to prevent the fibers from biting each other and causing pile shrinkage. When brushing, follow the lines and do not use too much force. Don't wring after washing, wring out moisture by hand and dry. Air drying should be done in a cool and ventilated place, and do not expose to strong sunlight, so as to prevent the plush fabric from losing luster and reducing elasticity and strength. The plush product is allowed to dry until it is semi-dry, then it is reshaped again.

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