What is Super And Soft Plush Fabric


At present, there are super flexible composite non-wove […]

At present, there are super flexible composite non-woven fabric series, super soft short plush engraving, Super And Soft Plush Fabric composite single-faced velvet, super soft short plush composite T/C series. They are characterized by a cotton-wool fabric with a rich, fluffy surface after brushing. There are two types of single velvet and double velvet. The single-faced velvet tissue is mainly twill, also known as velvet; the double-faced velvet is mainly plain. The flannel cloth is soft, comfortable and comfortable, and it is suitable for winter underwear and pajamas. Printed velvet and dyed velvet should be used as a spring and autumn coat for women and children. The flannel printed with animal, flower and fairy tale image is also called velvet, which is suitable for children. This color velvet, bleached velvet, white velvet, sesame velvet are generally used as winter clothing, gloves, shoes, and hats. The fleece of the flannel is formed by repeatedly applying the needle tip of the brushing machine to pull a part of the fiber on the surface of the fabric, and the fluff is required to be short, dense and uniform.

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