Tools + Tips to Simplify 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Toy Sewing I


100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Toy have long been cher […]

100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Toy have long been cherished symbols of childhood and serve not only as play pals for children but also as close confidantes. They were traditionally handmade by mothers and grandmothers using small scraps of fabric and lose materials lying around for stuffing. I love the sentimental value in handmade items, and making plush toys to spark the imagination in children is fun and rewarding.

Children’s toys, particularly dolls, are rich in history dating back to prehistoric times where they were first made from fur, wood or bone. There have been many techniques developed over time in making plush dolls and toys, and I’d like to share the tools that I use to simplify my toy-making process.

1. This is a super handy tool that quickly turns small corners and any kind of long, skinny tube right side out. I use it to turn arms, legs, ears, tails and other pointy extremities that can be difficult to turn. To use this tool, first insert the “straw” into the fabric tube (in this case, a doll leg).

Push the chopstick into the bottom of the doll leg and gently push the fabric into the straw. Continue to use the chopstick to push the fabric through until you see the feet coming out at the other end of the straw. Push the remaining fabric all the way out, and then use the chopstick to poke out the seams to smooth out the curved feet.

The turning tool is also useful during stuffing. Often times there’s some wiggling involved in trying to get a larger tuft of fiberfill into a smaller opening such as arms and legs. This tool provides a sturdy opening that allows polyfill to easily pass into the small parts of plush toys, and the chopstick is handy to pack in the fiberfill.

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