The Fixation of Printing Pile Fabric Is Very Important


Printing Pile Fabric has developed from single-sided pr […]

Printing Pile Fabric has developed from single-sided printing to double-sided printing, from single colour to multi-colour, from small cloth to wide cloth, from earth cloth to fine cotton, cotton-linen blend, silk, etc. The variety of designs and colours is also increasing day by day, with a variety of handicrafts such as blueprinted door curtains, wall hangings, tablecloths, shoes and hats, handbags, toys, etc.

The colour matching of printing plush fabric is also a university question. The colour matching, the colour transition, the contrast between bright and dark, there are dozens of colours. Colourful printing fabrics have seven red, light green and twelve blue. It can be seen that there are many and complicated colour matching types. Only when the colours are matched well can the whole picture be colourful, bright and dazzling, clear-cut, harmonious and natural.

The coating hardly produces large colour difference on different batches of fabrics and has good coverage on the ground colour during overprinting. With continuous washing or dry cleaning, pigment printing will fade gradually and become lighter and lighter. This is due to the resin adhesive gradually falling off due to continuous rotation and stirring during cleaning. Generally, after dozens of cleanings, this kind of printed cloth will appear obvious fading phenomenon.

Fixing treatment must be carried out before cleaning, otherwise fading and other phenomena will occur, and even the printing will become blurred after cleaning. If intermittent rope washer is used for washing, stainless steel rope washer shall be used, and the speed shall be adjusted to the lowest gear during operation. If starch is used as a paste in printing paste and pasting paste, amylase is required to decide during water washing. In order to prevent white soil contamination during washing, desizing and fixing, anti-contamination agents can be appropriately selected.

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