Sunshine Fabric Reduces The Stimulation of Indoor Sunshine


Natural light is the key factor to make the room full o […]

Natural light is the key factor to make the room full of vitality, but in hot summer, sunny rooms are not always people's favourite, blocking the sunshine and keeping cool have become our first choice. At this time, to "wear" a suitable "coat" on the bright glass window will not only reduce the stimulation of indoor sunshine but also be a good decoration in the room. Sunshine Fabric can ensure effective lighting and scenery penetration while shading the sun, thus avoiding the building itself from sacrificing the advantages of original lighting for shading the sun.

Recommendations for selection of sunshine fabric:

1. Dark colour fabric always has good outward perspective, and the landscape outside the window can be seen more clearly by using dark colour fabric; But also for outdoor shading, the dark fabric is undoubtedly the best choice. Compared with light-coloured fabrics, dark-coloured fabrics can save 20% of energy consumption, because dark-coloured fabrics absorb most of the sunshine heat energy and then retain or re-distribute the heat outside without generating light pollution.

2. Light-coloured fabrics can reflect heat energy more effectively when used indoors, and only a small part of unreflected heat radiation enters indoors through gaps in the fabrics, so the energy-saving effect of using light-coloured fabrics indoors is better.

3. The double-faced sunshine cloth integrates the advantages of the above two kinds of cloth, can produce a light colour and a dark colour, not only decorates the indoor colour tone but also effectively controls the sunshine, without losing good energy-saving effect.

4. Different living environments have different choices for curtains. Sunshine curtains can be used alone or in combination with other curtains. In the lobby of the hotel, the living room of the home and the high-grade office building, it is more suitable for the simple style used alone. The bedroom of the home or the small space with stronger individuation is more suitable for the matching use of sunshine curtains and other curtains.

5. 1%-3% fabric opening ratio can resist the heat energy generated by sunshine radiation and control strong light to the greatest extent, but the effect is slightly poor in the perspective landscape. 5%-10% of the fabric is the most widely used, in general engineering, it can take into account the degree of sunshine radiation and perspective landscape; More than 10% of the fabrics have general control effect on heat radiation, but excellent transparency can be obtained.

6. The extraordinary environmental protection makes the sunshine fabric suitable for any occasion including home.

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