Sunshine Fabric is Known As "The Little Sun in Bed"


Sunshine Fabric is a new type of fabric, which can be a […]

Sunshine Fabric is a new type of fabric, which can be accurately said to be a kind of sanding fabric. The fabric is made of 100% cotton and adopts a new weaving process. It is slightly thicker than ordinary sanding fabric, feels more delicate and softer, and has a texture similar to cashmere.

It also has a warm-keeping effect similar to cashmere. It is officially called "the little sun in bed". It is not easy to shed fluff, shrink, fade, PVA-free, greener and more environmentally friendly during use and washing. It conforms to the pursuit of a healthy life of contemporary people.

Advantages of sunshine fabric:

The sunshine fabric is selected from 100% high-quality fine pile cotton, which is brand-new heat storage and warm pile fabric. The fabric weave process of sunshine fabric is 10.8% higher than that of conventional sanding fluffiness. Top matching finishing technology is not easy to remove fluff during use and washing. The strong rhombus honeycomb heat storage structure of sunshine fabric can greatly reduce the resistance of gas flow.

The single-hole volume heat exchange efficiency of the heat accumulator is greatly improved, a large amount of static air is efficiently stored, the airflow is effectively blocked, and every inch of warmth is left in the bed, so that the warm little sun rises in the bed, and the warm effect like cashmere is achieved.

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