Suggestions on Washing Printing Pile Fabric


Printing Pile Fabric is printed on grey cloth special p […]

Printing Pile Fabric is printed on grey cloth special printing paper at high temperature. This process started in Tang and Song dynasties. After thousands of years of development, the printing process is quite mature at present.

Here are some suggestions for washing printing pile fabric:

1. Selection of water temperature for printing pile fabric. Regarding washing water temperature, it is recommended not to exceed 40 degrees, because too high a temperature will cause irreversible loss due to pigment decomposition. At the same time, it is suggested to use salt alkaline detergent. If there is really no such detergent, a small amount of salt can be added to the neutral detergent, which can make printing pile fabric more colourful after washing.

2. It is suggested that the printing pile fabric should be washed by hand as much as possible, not by machine, and not by brush at the same time. This is mainly due to the printing process. The pattern is printed at high temperature. Both machine washing and brush may cause irreversible damage to the pattern of printing pile fabric.

3. After cleaning the printing pile fabric. it is recommended to dry it in the shade with ventilation. It cannot be exposed to the sun or ironed. As for the reason, the printing pile fabric is not resistant to high temperature and is easily damaged.

4. Storage of printing pile fabric is recommended to be stored separately and not mixed with other fabrics. To put it bluntly, I am still worried that printing pile fabric will print other clothes.

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