Should We Pay Attention to When Choosing Sunshine Fabric As Curtain Material


Sunshine Fabric is mainly divided into straight lines a […]

Sunshine Fabric is mainly divided into straight lines and twill lines. Generally, the visual clarity of straight-line fabrics is better than that of straight line fabrics, but the glare control effect is better.

Twill fabric can introduce soft light into the room according to different heights and angles of the sun in the morning, noon and evening. Compared with the ruled surface material, the pores in the twill fabric can effectively cut light, allowing the light to enter the room evenly. The square holes on the ruled surface material will produce square bright spots when the sun shines. If the aperture ratio of ruled flour is too large, people will feel dizzy when the sun is directly shining.

The colour of sunshine fabric should not only meet the needs of architectural decoration but also pay attention to the reflection of sunlight.

(1) If it is applied outdoors, the dark fabric has stronger ability to shield solar radiation heat than light fabric because it does not need to consider the heat absorption problem of dark fabric; If applied indoors, light-coloured fabrics can have better reflection effect.

(2) For the same fabric, dark colour is better than light colour in controlling glare, luminous flux is correspondingly reduced, and viewing clarity is better.

(3) For the same fabric, the light colour gets more natural light than dark color, but glare control and viewing clarity are not as good as the dark color fabric.

(4) The ideal choice is to use aluminum plating process or light-coloured fabric toward the outside of the room and relatively dark-coloured fabric toward the inside, which is ideal for heat insulation, glare control and viewing.

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