Produce Results of 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Garment


For a long period time, the status of the 100% Polyeste […]

For a long period time, the status of the 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Garment industry as a traditional pillar industry and important civilian production industry in China will not change. The international competitive advantage based on the comparative cost level is further transformed into a new internationalization advantage at the industrial chain level. This reflects the new characteristics of the structure and layout optimization of China's textile industry and plays a decisive role in creating supply and demand and market allocation resources.

Also, many home textile enterprises have entered the soft-packing industry. This is also a kind of cross-border. In the past, it only produced finished products. As long as the quality of the products was passed, it was concerned whether the product styles were novel, whether consumers liked them or not, and no need to worry about how to place them. Out of the taste of the owner of the room. Nowadays, many home textile companies are involved in soft clothing, which is undoubtedly a very representative cross-border example.

After talking about cross-border, now it is pseudo-crossover. What is pseudo-cross-border, is to take the name of cross-border, and still engage in industries related to itself. For example, home textile companies cooperate with animation companies to create some textiles suitable for children. This is not called cross-border. It should be called cooperation. This is just an upgrade for a company's products, not related to product definitions.

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