Multi-functional Properties of Sunshine Fabric


With the improvement of living standards, people's requ […]

With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for sunshades are getting higher and higher. Consumers not only pay attention to appearance quality but also pay more attention to the safety and environmental protection of fabrics. The hot summer sun is scorching, the Sunshine Fabric can effectively prevent the indoor temperature increase caused by solar radiation, the winter cold wind is bitter, and the sunshine fabric can reflect the dissipated heat back to the indoor, thus maintaining the indoor comfortable warm environment. Therefore, the multifunctional attribute of the sunshine fabric is becoming more and more obvious.

1. Heat insulation and energy conservation

Sunshine fabric has good heat insulation properties that other fabrics do not have, can effectively block the heat generated by solar radiation, greatly reduce the utilization rate of indoor air conditioning, not only eliminate solar radiation, but also keep indoor air unblocked, and have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery outside the window.

2. Fire prevention and flame retardant

Fire-retardant and the flame-retardant sunshine fabric is a flame-retardant treatment based on sunshine fabric. The upgraded product can not only effectively prevent the spread of flame, but also protect the original properties of the fabric. It can automatically extinguish or effectively slow down the spread of flame, carbonize the fabric to form an isolation layer, and at the same time meet fire.

It has the characteristics of non-melting and non-delay and has good flame retardant effect.

3. UV protection

The use of anti-ultraviolet sunshine fabric can resist 95% of ultraviolet rays and effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging skin and furniture. When the sun is directly shining, you can easily block the damage of ultraviolet rays and create a comfortable and healthy home environment by gently laying down the anti-ultraviolet sunshine fabric.

4. Antistatic and dustproof

At present, anti-static sunshine fabrics on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: anti-static fabrics made of PVC materials, fabrics embedded with anti-static fibers, and anti-static fabrics processed and finished by anti-static agents. The anti-static curtain is not only strong in anti-static but also can prevent the loss of cold air and warm air. Another good function is dust prevention. Dust is difficult to touch the curtain, so cleaning is relatively simple, and only dry cloth is needed to wipe the curtain on weekdays. In addition, the anti-static curtain can reduce noise decibels, prevent noise from spreading and provide a comfortable indoor environment.

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