Method for Making Sunshine Fabric


The utility model relates to a flexible composite mater […]

The utility model relates to a flexible composite material, in particular to a Sunshine Fabric for shielding. With the development of architectural technology and architectural aesthetics, more and more glass materials are used in modern buildings from the façade to the roof. The transparency of glass allows people to enjoy a wide range of visual effects inside the building. People fully feel the natural landscape, natural light and natural space, strengthen the integration of indoor and outdoor scenes, improve the long-term working and learning environment, and the building itself breaks the rigid and oppressive external feeling of the original building.

This form of architecture breaks the pattern of old buildings and makes the exterior effect of the building transparent, flexible and more artistic. However, it also increases the penetration of heat radiation and ultraviolet light. The heat accumulated in the room is difficult to release by conduction and convection. This is called the "greenhouse effect." The greenhouse effect not only affects the physical and mental health of people in the room but also greatly increases the consumption of other energy sources. Therefore, people use various methods to solve this problem, and the choice of sunlight fabric is the most convenient and economical. With the development of science and technology, PVC film flexible composite materials are widely used in commercial buildings, exhibition halls, and even ordinary families as one of the important choices of sunlight fabrics.

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