Material Characteristics of 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Toy


The most easily accessible part of plush toys to childr […]

The most easily accessible part of plush toys to children is the exterior material. Therefore, the materials must be non-toxic and harmless. Currently, 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Toy is mainly made of crystal wool, short velveteen and other mainstream materials, while the internal fillers are mostly PP cotton and so on. These materials have their own characteristics. First of all, we will learn from the materials.

1. Short velveteen

Short velveteen is a very high-quality plush toy fabric. This is a kind of plush fabric that has been finished through many processes such as raising and cutting. Its main raw materials are high-quality cotton yarns. Its surface has very thick and shiny short fluff, hence its name.

2. Crystal velvet

Crystal velvet is a typical chemical fiber fabric. Its raw material is polyester, and it is made by processes such as napping and embossing. Its surface feels like a layer of short fluff and feels very soft. Crystal fluff is thick, absorbent and easy to dry, making it very suitable for plush toys. At the same time, its surface gloss is relatively high, so the handicrafts made with it are most of the warm colour system.

3. Flocking cloth

The flocking cloth is a fabric made by flocking technology. The principle is to use electrostatic physical means to vertically stand the suede on the quilt body, so it has a very strong stereoscopic impression and hand feeling. Flocking fabric has a lower price and cost than the two fabrics mentioned above, so it is also a very common raw material for plush toy fabrics on the market.

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