Master The Operation Technology of Soft And Colorful Plush Fabric For Cloth


After in-depth development of Soft And Colorful Plush F […]

After in-depth development of Soft And Colorful Plush Fabric For Cloth, the series of products include ultra-soft velvet, flash ultra-soft, flat silk, flat velvet and short plush products, which are widely used in various fields such as clothing, bedding, shoes and hats. The warp density of the fabric is smaller and the weft density is larger so that the weft yarn emerges on the surface, which is favourable for the weft yarn cotton fiber to form plump and uniform fluff. After napping, flannel loses a lot of weft strength, so it is very important to master the quality of cotton yarn and the napping process.

The advantages of soft and colorful plush fabric for cloth are as follows:

1. The appearance is light, cool and clean, with good air permeability and durability.

2. Soft, light and transparent, smooth and elastic

3. It is very comfortable and elegant to wear on the body.

4. After high-temperature shrinkage treatment, it is not easy to deform and wrinkle.

5. Good physical properties, high fiber strength, wear-resistance and durability

6. Good chemical properties, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, insect resistance and mould resistance.

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