Introduction of Several Different Types of Plush Fabric For Sofa


Velveteen fabrics: Velveteen fabrics is the first Plush […]

Velveteen fabrics: Velveteen fabrics is the first Plush Fabric For Sofa to be used. This sofa plush fabric is a kind of short wool. Compared with other fabrics, the fabric sofa adopts velveteen and lint, which has the advantages of environmental protection, high colour fastness, soft hand feeling and fullness. Fluff and bright colours. However, although the abrasion resistance of velveteen fabrics is 4 to 5 times higher than that of ordinary fabrics, the warmth retention is also good, but in the furniture market, velveteen fabrics are still mainly used for middle and low-grade sofas.

Gold velvet: Gold velvet is actually a single layer of velvet silk interwoven with mulberry silk and viscose rayon, originally used for ladies' clothing, curtains, etc. Suede is very thick, very long, slightly inclined and not as smooth as other velvet. The velvet material is made of various materials, such as cotton, acrylic acid, viscose, polyester and nylon. Usually, cotton yarn is used as a loop yarn. Velvet fluff is full, soft, comfortable and elegant. It used to be the main fabric of Chinese cheongsam and western evening dress. However, due to acrylic composition, velvet is prone to pilling, static electricity, dust absorption, wrinkle resistance and elasticity are not very good.

Imitation suede leather, chenille: imitation suede leather is a kind of imitation fabric that imitates animal skin. It is mainly characterized by dense, slender and soft short fluff on the surface of the fabric. The fabric is soft and thick with good warmth retention. Modern sofa with moisture absorption and wear resistance is usually suede leather. Chenille yarn is a relatively thick yarn, and the fabric woven with chenille is called chenille. There are many ingredients, polyester and viscose can be made into chenille. Suede leather is thinner and chenille is thicker.

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