The influence of knitwear and textiles on fast fashion brands


The current network information is very developed, and […]

The current network information is very developed, and the trend information is at your fingertips. The era of fast fashion brands as a 'fashion mentor' has long been a past tense. In the "post-90s" view, the convenient "haitao" and the travel abroad, let everyone have access to more international brands, whether it is personalized niche clothing or high-quality luxury. Consumption, a lot of choices of products, fast fashion brands naturally lost their unique charm.

What is even more criticized is the price but the quality. During the interview, the reporter learned that the problem of rough workmanship and unsatisfactory fabric materials is the focus of consumers' frequent spit and fast fashion brands.

"A coat of autumn and winter with fur collars, less than 300 yuan after the discount, the price is cheap, but the quality is really unsatisfactory." Wang Fang had just bought a coat before the discount, but the clothes are particularly easy to static, adsorption Dust, and the workmanship is rough, the neckline and cuffs have thread ends, and the stitches are not aligned.

Xiao Wei told reporters that she was a fan of fast fashion brands in the past few years. When she comes up with new or joint names every season, she will come to buy a few pieces, and catching up with discounts will bring a lot of clothes. However, although these clothes are cheap, they can't be worn for a long time. They open the line, fade, and deform... and slowly she loses her enthusiasm for purchase.

"Low price should not be an excuse for neglecting product quality. Now there are many domestic and international fashion brands that are fashionable and fashionable. It is better to selectively buy dozens of fast-fashion brand clothing that you have to throw in one season. Buy some quality clothing, relatively more cost-effective." Xiaolan said.

According to the reporter's observation, this point is also quite obvious among the fast fashion brands. The same is a discount promotion, followed by the trend of design, ZARA traffic is the most popular, fashion and yet wearable H&M second, compared to the moderate GAP, C&A, FOREVER 21 and the NEW LOOK discount is in the withdrawal, most of the hundred Yuan or so commodities, but many people look after the empty hands.

In the opinion of the industry, ZARA and H&M, as fast fashion brands entering the Chinese market earlier, are inevitably affected by the market influence, but compared with the later C&A and FOREVER 21, they have accumulated a large number of brand users. Still have a certain early advantage.

The only survivor of this round of impact is UNIQLO, whose store traffic has surpassed ZARA and H&M. Interestingly, when visiting ZARA and H&M, it is rare to see older customers in the store, but in Uniqlo, the proportion of a young and old shop is very high. Many grandfathers and aunts choose clothes in front of the fitting mirror. Dressing.

The reporter interviewed an aunt randomly. She said that at first, her daughter bought her a Uniqlo fleece jacket, which was very warm after wearing and the style design was very simple. After that, accompanying her daughter to visit, I found that Uniqlo's clothes are suitable and the quality is good, so I will often take a look.

The daughter who also chooses clothes on the side also said that the elderly in winter are more afraid of cold. Every year, she will buy several sets of HEATTECH heating technology underwear for her parents, and AIRism quick-drying underwear in the summer. I can also choose the right OL style in Uniqlo. The sportswear also has the Dry-EX quick-drying technology series. She thinks Uniqlo is especially suitable for one-stop shopping for a complete family.

A few years ago, the founder of Uniqlo, Liu Jingzheng, publicly stated that Uniqlo is not a fast fashion brand but a technology company. Nowadays, UNIQLO, which continues to be active in this area, has attracted and retained many customers with its technology-rich products. Among the customers who only paid for the relevant research and development time, one third of the customers who bought the relevant technology products.

At a time when the trend of upgrading the consumption of Chinese people is obvious, the rise of a large number of international fashion brands and the rise of local fashion brands have intensified the market competition in the Chinese fashion industry.

As far as fast fashion brands are concerned, the demand for people to pursue fashion trends has not changed, but at the same time, it is also necessary to balance quality and cost performance. Perhaps fast fashion brands can also slow down their pace, do research and development, control product quality, and create more products that satisfy the target audience.

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