How to Distinguish Jacquard and Printing Pile Fabric


Jacquard is generally in the weaving process, which is […]

Jacquard is generally in the weaving process, which is simply a woven pattern, and the Printing Pile Fabric is woven into a solid color fabric and then printed by printing according to the design needs.

Jacquard fabrics, first of all, the feel: the fabric is a bit bumpy, not as flat as the print, but it is not very exaggerated, it is a little texture, silky jacquard is still very soft. Secondly, visually, there will be a feeling of different shades of color. The color of the bulge will be heavier, just relative to the fabric of the same color. There is also a fabric of its own, and then the pattern above is woven. Finally, in terms of performance, the silk surface is smooth, silky luster, silky, delicate, soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable, light and light, and good in warmth. The water-resistant type is extremely strong, not easily deformed, and can not afford the ball. It is a typical environmental protection. The fabric is very good in texture.

The simple difference method is that the printing is flat, the front pattern is clear, and the reverse side is relatively fuzzy; the jacquard fabric pattern is relatively three-dimensional, which will increase the thickness of the fabric and can be felt by hand.

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