High Strength Is One of The Characteristics of 100% Polyester Plush Fabric


Polyester fiber is a kind of synthetic fiber first disc […]

Polyester fiber is a kind of synthetic fiber first discovered. Its chemical name is polyethene terephthalate (PET). Like other synthetic fibers (nylon, acrylic, spandex), polyester fiber can be used in the field of clothing and home textiles. The material is synthetic, so it belongs to renewable materials, and the production cost of polyester fiber is not high. Polyester fibers can be divided into saturated and unsaturated and can be used for conveyor belts and safety belts in the industrial field. The materials are wear-resistant, so the fabric is extremely easy to handle.

Of course, in addition to 100% Polyester Plush Fabric, in order to make this kind of clothes have better comfort, clothing manufacturers will use polyester fiber blended with pure cotton or other fabrics, the blended clothes are durable, warm and breathable.

High strength is a major feature of 100% polyester plush fabric, which also makes the polyester fabric more wear-resistant and not easy to damage. Good elasticity makes the fabric not easy to leave wrinkles, and the clothes feel comfortable and easy to wash and dry. Normal washing and collection will not cause mould and bacteria growth, and the fabric will be much more convenient to process. Meanwhile, the fabric has an insulation effect.

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