Detailed Introduction of Polar Fleece of Super And Soft Plush Fabric


Super And Soft Plush Fabric can be understood literally […]

Super And Soft Plush Fabric can be understood literally, that is, there is a layer of velvet on the surface, which gives you more comfort. In winter, when we see this kind of fabric, we cannot help feeling it.

However, there are many kinds of super and soft plush fabric, such as short plush, plush, polar fleece, etc. The range of super and soft plush fabric is too wide. Let's take a look at one of them, what is polar fleece-like?

Polar fleece fabric is relatively soft. The most important thing is that it is lighter, easier to clean and dries very fast. The most important thing is that it can keep out the cold even if it gets wet. Lightweight polar fleece is more convenient and comfortable to wear on the body.

Polar fleece is actually knitted by small silver ingots. In the finishing process of polar fleece, a process of "shaking" is added, and a special shaking machine will be used for finishing. Polar fleece is woven and then processed through a series of program finishing processes.

Polar fleece is napped and pilled on the front, with fluffy particles but no lint. The backside is sparsely brushed but well-proportioned, with a short nap and good fluffy elasticity. Polar fleece is soft and warm. The main component of polar fleece is polyester fiber. Polar fleece has the advantages of good elasticity, good heat resistance, wear resistance, lightweight and good warmth retention. Polar fleece has another advantage: it is easy to handle and can be washed with water.

Polar fleece can also be compounded with other fabrics, which can make the cold-proof effect better. Now polar fleece has begun to lead the new trend of wearing and fitting. Polar fleece can unlock different wearing and fitting methods in winter.

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