Color Matching Fashion of Plush Fabric For Home Textiles


Modern people pay more attention to lifestyle, and thei […]

Modern people pay more attention to lifestyle, and their decoration concepts and tastes are also changing. From the re-decoration (hard decoration) to the heavy decoration (soft decoration), the knowledge level, cultural accomplishment, artistic position and social status of the room owner It is also often reflected in the color and style of the Plush Fabric For Home Textiles products. In recent years, influenced by the popularity of clothing, home textiles have shown great similarities with clothing in terms of style, color, and pattern, while the new trend is simple and natural. Taking bedding as an example, the simple cloth, the bright and elegant color gradually replaces the traditional deep and deep, light color, warm color, or cool and warm color contrast color is the main popular color. Using bold, dazzling color blocks with high saturation for bold contrast and matching, it has a strong visual impact and is a favorite style for young people. The soft and elegant pink color brings romantic changes and shows a strong modern atmosphere. It is the choice of most white-collar workers.

Huzhou Rourourou Needles Textiles Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures and processes knitwear and textiles. Since its establishment, the company has been seeking solidarity and seeking development as its concept, ensuring customer first, service first and serving the society. The company is located in Zhuhu Industrial Park, Linghu, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The company has many professional technicians and can meet the needs of customers. Production of a variety of high-end fashion fabrics.

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