Application Direction of 100% Polyester Plush Fabric


100% Polyester Plush Fabric is a synthetic fiber obtain […]

100% Polyester Plush Fabric is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester polycondensate by organic diacid and diol. The industrial mass production of polyester fiber is made of polyethene terephthalate.

China's trade name is polyester. It is currently the largest variety of synthetic fibers. It has many excellent textile properties and wearability and has a wide range of uses. It can be made of pure textile or blended with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and hemp and other chemical fibers to produce wool-like, cotton-like, silk-like and hemp-like fabrics with various colours, firmness, firmness, scraping, easy washing and drying, no ironing and good washability. 100% polyester plush fabric is suitable for men's and women's shirts, outerwear, children's clothes, indoor decorative fabrics and carpets. Because the polyester plush fabric has good elasticity and fluffiness, it can also be used as wadding.

In industry, high-strength polyester can be used as tire cord, transportation belt, fire water pipe, cable, fishing net, etc. It can also be used as electrical insulation material, acid-resistant filter cloth, papermaking felt, etc. Non-woven cloth made of polyester plush fabric can be used for indoor decoration, carpet base cloth, cloth for pharmaceutical industry, floss, lining, etc.

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