Advantages of a Blend Over 100% Polyester Plush Fabric


There are many instances when you'll want to use a poly […]

There are many instances when you'll want to use a polyester and cotton blend over 100% Polyester Plush Fabric(ROUROUROU). While it is typically a slightly more expensive fabric than 100% Polyester Plush Fabric, it makes up for the cost by offering you a more durable, versatile, and comfortable material. Here some of the reasons this blended fabric may be a better choice for your event.

A 100% Polyester Plush Fabric has some limitations as to what it is best used for, but this isn’t the case with a polyester/cotton blend. It takes the benefits of both fabrics and combines them into one, making the fabric ideal for almost any purpose. Whether ordering shirts for a sports team or your business or a community event, this material will get the job done.

While 100% cotton is a sturdy, beautiful fabric, it is still much more likely to fade than a blend. The synthetic fibers in polyester help the material hold it’s color better over time. In short, it will suit your needs really well if you intend to wash the shirts frequently.

If you want a material that’s long-lasting, polyester/cotton blends are known for their durability. Just as it won’t fade as quickly, it also won’t lose its shape or come apart as quickly. It’s also less likely to pill over time, meaning it stays looking new longer. We all want clothes that will last, and a polyester/cotton blend offers just that. If you plan to wear and wash your shirt a lot, the blended fabric will be better suited to your needs.

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