A Newly Developed Knitted Warp Super And Soft Plush Fabric


Super And Soft Plush Fabric after deep development, the […]

Super And Soft Plush Fabric after deep development, the series of products are super soft velvet, flash super soft, flat wire, flat velvet, short plush series products, widely used in clothing, bedding, shoes and hats, and other major fields. In recent years, with lower price and higher quality, it has practiced in foreign trade and domestic sales factories and achieved good sales results.

Short Plush: A new fabric, warp-knit raschel process, widely used in bedding sets. Its fabric composition is 100% polyester (polyester). Our company specializes in producing all kinds of warp knitting (flannel) products: super soft short plush, flat silk short plush, super-soft jacquard fabric, short plush jacquard fabric, polyester brocade super soft, nylon fabric, widely used in sofa , toys, shoes and hats, clothing, home textiles and automotive decoration industry.

There are also methods for combining weft knitting and warp knitting on some knitting machines. At this time, two sets of yarns are arranged on the knitting machine, one set is padded according to the warp knitting method, and the other set is laid by the weft knitting method, and the knitting needles form the stitches together to form a knitted fabric. The stitches formed by the same yarn are arranged along the weft direction in the weft-knitted fabric, and the warp knitted fabric along the warp direction.

Huzhou Rourourou Needles Textiles Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures and processes knitwear and textiles. Since its establishment, the company has been seeking solidarity and seeking development as its concept, ensuring customer first, service first and serving the society. The company is located in Zhuhu Industrial Park, Linghu, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The company has many professional technicians and can meet the needs of customers. Production of a variety of high-end fashion fabrics.

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